The Realestate Recovery Group Bootcamp is the  most informative, energetic and active short sale training seminar you must attend. This event is geared for real estate professionals that strive to share the RRG mantra of #peoplebeforeprofit.

Why Attend?

The bootcamp experience is about education, networking, motivation and fun! Learn about strategies and solutions that meet your clients’ needs, then browse any of the vendors and exhibitors to find products and services that will help you conduct business more efficiently. Make time to attend after hour social events as they provide a fun way to network with peers in a casual atmosphere. You will return home with the knowledge, tools and contacts to be successful in this competitive business.

Who Attends?

The typical conference attendee ranges from a newly enrolled real estate student to a veteran agent with 16+ years of industry experience. Our attendees are investors, negotiators, sales agents, associate brokers, broker-owners and real estate office staff, and they represent a variety of different office sizes and business franchises. Visitors come from all 50 U.S. states and several U.S. territories.